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The Intentions Collection

Presented by Waxed Candle Company

Candles with Intention

All Intentions Collection scents are infused with Reiki and charged with good vibes. 
What is an intention?

An intention is an aim or purpose, something you plan to do or achieve. It is a mental in which you commit yourself to a course of action. 

Intentions can be related to your work, personal life, dreams, thoughts or mindfulness practice. An intention goes way deeper than a goal: it's a powerful tool to boost your inner strength and emotional state. And when you're determined to grow through your actions, beliefs, thoughts and energy, your intention is the key to unlocking the door to it all.

The Intentions Collection can help you start or grow your practice of purposeful intention. 


Alignment is when your thoughts, feelings, actions & energy are all working together for the best you.
Blend of bergamot and coriander completed with notes of jasmine, lavender, and rose.

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Awaken possibility. Feel compelled to try something different or to do better for yourself. 

Inspire is a clean, airy aroma with subtle rain base notes.

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Learn to stay centered & keep your inner peace no matter what is happening on the outside. Be present.

A blend of patchouli, sandalwood and musk followed by a touch of bergamot.

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Create miracles. Bring your dreams & desires straight into your reality. 

A blend of sweet orange flower, lemony citrus, fresh lavender and powdery musk.

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Create stablity. Feel connected, balanced and present.

A deep scent with warm overtones of Amber resin, Myrrh and floral beauty. 

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Breathe deep. Embrace tranquility, peacefulness and relax your mind and soul.

Lavender with a touch of  lemon.

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