About me

Hi, I'm Sara!

I can’t wait to help you align so that you too live a fulfilled and authentic life.

Sick and tired of feeling stuck and not living the life I knew I wanted, I began my own Quantum Alignment and UnBecoming journey.  

Couple my own work with professional life coach training through the Jay Shetty Certification School,  I have powerful and proven coaching methods and techniques that I use together Reiki Energy Healing to help my clients.  Quantum Alignment. 

My goal is to make Quantum Alignment healing available to anyone through 1:1 sessions, groups or digital coaching courses. There is something for everyone.

I'm a single mom with  two awesome daughters.

I live in Metro Detroit, where I grew up and have spent most of my adult life.

I describe myself as sarcastic, confident, kind & loyal. (and a little sweary. Sorry in advance!) I have a big heart, and big feelings to match! I believe in laughing as much as possible in life. 

Music fuels my soul. Anything from Snoop Dogg to Garth Brooks, to Imagine Dragons, and almost anything in-between. I have two dogs that test my patience several times daily, but I love them to death. 

My days are busy! I work with large automotive brands here in Detroit doing social media. I'm also the manager of my oldest daughters travel soccer team, while my youngest has tennis and horseback lessons. I coach clients 1:1 & practice Reiki energy healing. I'm currently writing a book and creating all sorts of transformational, healing programs and content for you all! Phew. 

Thanks for visiting. Have a look around. I'm glad you are here!!

The power to heal, grow and align lies with you. 

You got this.

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