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Hi, I'm Sara!

I can’t wait to help you align so that you too live a fulfilled and authentic life.

There was a time in my life when I was sick and tired of feeling stuck.  I was not living the life I knew I wanted. No matter what I tried, it seemed like nothing ever really got me "unstuck". I knew I had to learn something new. Something different about my life, my beliefs and myself. I dug deep and began my own healing journey and awakening. It was truly one of and continues to be one of the most beautiful parts of my entire life.

Fast forward to today! Between my own personal work, life coach training through the Jay Shetty Certification School, Reiki and other healing modalities, I am equipped with proven and powerful techniques. I use these techniques and methods to help my clients in their healing and ultimately toward their own personal Alignment. 

I believe that healing and personal development should be available to anyone. So I provide 1:1 sessions, host groups and create digital coaching courses. There is something for everyone.


I’m Sara, a Soul Coach and Reiki Master.

I specialize in personal alignment and I believe that people deserve to live their absolute best life. I’m committed to helping people to do just that. When your thoughts, feelings, energy and actions are all working together, you are limitless. I use several different modalities in my sessions from energy healing, intuitive guidance, traditional coaching, crystals, journaling and reflection. I love this work with my clients and their commitment, effort and healing inspires me every day.

I'm a single mom with two awesome daughters (13 and 10). I also have two dogs that test my patience several times daily, but I love them to pieces.  In addition to my healing practice, I work in marketing & advertising for large automotive clients. I'm also the manager of my oldest daughter’s travel soccer team, while my youngest has her soccer team and horseback lessons. I'm currently writing a book and creating all sorts of transformational, healing programs and content for you all! Phew. 

Thanks for visiting. Have a look around. I'm glad you are here!!

The power to heal, grow and align lies with you. 

You got this.

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