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Imagine for a minute...

 that your everyday thoughts, feelings, actions and energy were all working together to support you. 

What would your life be like?

Soul Sessions

Have you been feeling a little stuck? Or maybe you are just looking for some clarity or direction in your life.

  • Would you like to find and live out your soul’s purpose?  
  • Do you have past issues, traumas or feelings that  have kept you back? 
  • Feeling bored, frustrated, lonely, sad or disengaged?
  • Do you need help developing a personal healing plan?
  • Are you holding on to resentment or anger from the past?
  • Do you need some insight into different behaviors or patterns keep showing up for you?
  • Are you in need of some healing, love, awareness, perspective, compassion and hope in your life? 

You are in the right place! Soul sessions can be totally transformative! 

Transformation and healing begin with awareness and an honest exploration of your past. Where you’ve been, what you have experienced, the emotions you felt, the beliefs you developed. You’ll see what you are carrying today that you need to unpack. 


UnBecoming is learning to recognize and let go of all the things that are not authentically you. 

What about you, is not really you?

  • What are the roles, beliefs & values that you embody as part of your own conditioning.

  • Healing past experiences and energies.

  • Defining the values and beliefs that are authentic to you today.

Soul sessions can cause massive transformation

Hear from my happy clients...

Stop. Do not spend another minute of your life without Sara. She is badass, fun, high energy and NAILS IT every session. In our first meeting, I laid out what felt like a complex web of “my-life-is-stucked-ness.” I was pretty sure I knew what coaching was, and the best I hoped for was a tip or two that I could use. Nope. She listened to my life’s mess and proceeded to confidently pluck the salient key-to-the-stuckness point out of my verbal dump. We were literally screaming with excitement: she truly saw and understood, in a way nobody ever has before. And from that moment forward, shifts started happening. My life went from dreary, draggy & overwhelmed to every day having some sort of screamy excitement! All thanks to the flip of Sara’s magic switch. I’m blown away every single day. If you want fun, passionate, wise, laugh-y, connected sessions with someone who “gets it,” and you want to get unstuck and fill your life with scream-y passion, stop right now and sign up.”

- Janis

“In just a handful of sessions with Sara, I was able to pinpoint several key points of tension in my day-to-day behaviors—in both professional and personal settings. What’s cool about it though, is that Sara helped me arrive at these conclusions without making grandiose statements or assumptions, but by simply asking the right questions that led me to these realizations. A session with Sara feels like a conversation with an old friend, and I felt a sense of accomplishment after every single one!”

- Bruna

"As a career administrative professional, I have spent many years learning how to organize my thoughts, processes and physical office space to streamline my work. I utilize many tricks and tools in order to make the chaotic run smooth and effortless, and the most important is to talk to other professionals to stay current with new ways to think through my workflow.
Sara was that fresh, forward-thinking person for me last year!
I worked with Sara for a few months last year when I had a few professional and personal goals that I wanted to make a priority. We met weekly to review where I was at, to remove obstacles from my daily habits that would push me off track. Sara didn’t tell me what to do - her super power is to listen and ask the right questions so I could answer what works best for me.
 Book that first appointment with Sara: you deserve to make yourself a priority and she’s worth it!"
- Linda 

“It takes a certain type of personality and disposition to be able to respond and help you in your darkest days. This is Sara. I have had the privileged of her helping me during some of my darkest times. Sara got me get though divorce, infertility issues, starting a new blended family . . . the list goes on. She has inspired me, supported me and truly made me a better person. She doesn’t judge. She listens, asks questions and guides me to my own concrete solutions that work!. Anyone could benefit from seeing her! You don’t have to be in the dark either, she truly inspires everyone to LIVE THEIR BEST LIFE, while listening and giving you so much in your back pocket . . . it’s overfilling with better days ahead! I promise you, seeing Sara will change your life! Get ready to live your best life... I’m living proof..”

- Carly

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